your wedding. our heart.

we’ve fallen in love with the magic that we see in front of us. its not just about taking photos. its about documenting the story. the journey. the heart.


people are what matters. relationship is what matters. this is why we believe photos can be so powerful. it frames what is most important to us.

your wedding. one of the most memorable days of your life.

our heart. is to be there for every moment [and all the in-between moments] and to capture you both. your love. at your realest. and those surrounding and celebrating you.

heart and colour.

there is such a beautiful responsibility attached to what we do. and we pour our whole hearts into this.

we believe love is created by God to be embraced. enjoyed. explored. pursued. love is an incredible thing. 

photographing love is something great.

its an honour.

big big hugs to Joseph Willis, for this rad behind the scenes vid of our Heart and Colour launch shoot > before it all became news to the public we threw together a sweet shoot to come along side our official launch of HEART AND COLOUR. you can see the full shoot here.

  • Rikki - yikes. it’s so delicious!

  • Lisa - LOVE this!! Just… love it. So excited for you both on this new adventure.


  • Luke - love you two

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