Trent & Jessie Portraits (Point Cartwright, QLD)

i love you in the morning
and in the afternoon
i love you in the evening
and underneath the moon.

trent&jessie_001 trent&jessie_002 trent&jessie_005 trent&jessie_006 trent&jessie_008 trent&jessie_011 trent&jessie_014 trent&jessie_015 trent&jessie_018 trent&jessie_020 trent&jessie_021 trent&jessie_022 trent&jessie_026 trent&jessie_029 trent&jessie_033 trent&jessie_037 trent&jessie_038 trent&jessie_039 trent&jessie_043 trent&jessie_044 trent&jessie_045 trent&jessie_049 trent&jessie_054 trent&jessie_057 trent&jessie_058 trent&jessie_059 trent&jessie_060 trent&jessie_063 trent&jessie_067 trent&jessie_068 trent&jessie_070 trent&jessie_076 trent&jessie_077 trent&jessie_079 trent&jessie_081 trent&jessie_083 trent&jessie_084 trent&jessie_091 trent&jessie_092 trent&jessie_093 trent&jessie_095 trent&jessie_096

its a good kind of nervousness – shooting for other photographers. the kind of nervousness that pushes you.
trent & jessie are the duo behind Trent & Jessie Photography (duh!) they are real. they are gentle. they are wonderful. they love God. they love people. and they take incredible photos. they also rock it being IN photos too!
the greatest thing about this industry is the people who let us in. get in front of our camera. and let us create real and honest imagery for them. it means so much to us and we don’t take what we do lightly…

  • Jessie - you guys are amazing. I love these to bits! such special memories – thank you!

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