Shannon & Jordan (Eco Studio Fellini, QLD Wedding)

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videography Joseph Willis | florals Cara Clark Design | make up Amy Price | hair styling The Loft Hair Salon (Daniella)

  • Soph - Urghhhhhh SO MUCH GOODNESS. Also, I grew up with the best man… small world! Hahaha.

  • Hol - What an absolutely stunning wedding! Do you know which designer the dress is from?

  • heart and colour - hey Holly, Shannons dress was by Pronovias from a shop in Brisbane city. :)

  • Chiara - Love, love, love these bridesmaid dresses. Where were these purchased please?

  • Kacie - Gorgeous!!! I just love the bride/ groom portraits – so stunning! Any idea what brand her shoes are? I’m on the hunt for wedding shoes just like hers! x

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