introducing: HEART AND COLOUR

the name speaks for itself really. it found us. rather than us finding it.

all we know is that we take photos for people. and those photos tell a story. and each story bursts with HEART AND COLOUR.


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words just don’t come close to our humbled, thankful and overwhelmed we are by everyones support, love & likes and encouragement. and to celebrate our launch we got together with a few of our favs and photographed some of this magic on a fine Sunday afternoon.

so grateful for this lot >

florals/  Stem Design
make up & hair/ Avia Beauty
the arbour/ Love Struck Weddings
models/ Han & Dan Mann
videography/ Joseph Willis [VIDEO COMING SO SOON!]

  • Belle - Could you pretty please tell me who this dress is by?? I love it! Amazingly pretty photos

  • heart and colour - yaki ravid :)

  • Soph - Your contribution to the world of delicious, soulful photos is INCREDIBLE. <3 I feel like I know you through your images, and we haven't even met yet (but let's do that, yeah? :P )

  • your wedding. our heart. » - […] big big hugs to Joseph Willis, for this rad behind the scenes vid of our Heart and Colour launch shoot > before it all became news to the public we threw together a sweet shoot to come along side our official launch of HEART AND COLOUR. you can see the full shoot here. […]

  • Laura - This is my favourite shoot, the lighting is stunning. A credit to you X

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