Han & Dan Portraits (Currumbin, QLD)

‘somebody who betters you. somebody
who inspires and encourages you in love
and in life, who pushes you towards
dreams and goals you’d otherwise ignore,
who selflessly sacrifices their time to
helping you become more courageous,
well rounded and happy human being.
that’s sacred. you hold on to a love like that.’

– Beau Tapin

han&danE_1 han&danE_2 han&danE_5 han&danE_7 han&danE_10 han&danE_14 han&danE_16 han&danE_20 han&danE_24 han&danE_26 han&danE_28 han&danE_30 han&danE_31 han&danE_35 han&danE_41 han&danE_42 han&danE_48 han&danE_49 han&danE_50 han&danE_51 han&danE_53 han&danE_56 han&danE_57 han&danE_58 han&danE_65 han&danE_66 han&danE_71 han&danE_75 han&danE_76 han&danE_79 han&danE_81 han&danE_83 han&danE_88 han&danE_90 han&danE_91 han&danE_92 han&danE_93 han&danE_100 han&danE_101 han&danE_103 han&danE_105 han&danE_109 han&danE_111

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