a little bit of the heart and colour in our worlds.

i (bek here) never thought i would ever fall so in love with travelling. i mean, i love exploring and i am quite an adventurous soul, but i’m also quite a homebody – i like where i’m comfortable. so when we were asked to photograph a wedding in chicago, i was left a little out of my comfort zone, but at the same time i was BUZZING with excitement at the thought of documenting a CHICAGO wedding. if there was a place i always wanted to venture to, it was the US. i never dreamed my business would take us there.

before we knew it, we were boarding our flight en route to CHICAGO. 16 hours of travelling later, we arrived. had a day to explore CHITOWN (and catch up on sleep!) and then documented our Nat & Gregg’s wedding (photos coming soon!). then began our 14 days of adventures in the US.

UTAH – Monument Valley

i’ve learnt, more than ever this year, that travel is absolutely necessary for the soul (and for a marriage!). not only to get out and see the world, but as well, to gain space to breath. think. dream. and be refreshed. it was our US trip that gave us the inspiration and space to dream up the next chapter, the remainder of 2014 and what 2015 and beyond would bring. and confirmed in us our decision to change Bek Grace to HEART AND COLOUR. although, we didn’t have the name yet. that came later.

all we knew is that bek grace had become a husband and wife duo, and so we wanted to change our name to something that reflects the both of us, not just me.

so i think its fitting, that the first post we ever blog, is of our US trip. a little bit of the heart and colour in our world.

it’s true what IBN BATTUTA says
travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. 

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and so this marks the start of a new chapter. one we are so excited for and blessed to have. and HAPPY 1st SEPTEMBER.

HEART AND COLOUR’s official launch is coming so so soon!


  • Tahnee - I’ve watched from afar for a long time Bek, and it’s so heartwarming to see the transformation from solo to duo.. a gift indeed, this life that you are living together, but a gift earned and carved out that is truly deserved. Looking forward to following the heart and colour journey!

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