a ‘kiss me’ wrap up of 2015

each year, we fall more and more in love with weddings. not because of the wedding itself, but because of the marriage that is taking place as a result of the wedding. from the getting ready, to walking down the aisle, that KISS that seals the whole day, the moments and all the in-between moments and the celebrating – it’s all such an honour to be a part of.

we will take a wedding any way it comes: the stripped-right-back and the little-bit-over-the-top. just give us two people obsessed with each other!

to all our couples – we love you! Thanks for hanging out and making memories with us.

and so here is our wrap up of 2015. 46 weddings later. 46 + a whole lot more kisses later. we farewell 2015 with big full hearts…

love Phil, Bek & Tam

kissme__0056 kissme__0001 kissme__0002 kissme__0054 kissme__0023 kissme__0047 kissme__0048 kissme__0005 kissme__0006 kissme__0050 kissme__0008 kissme__0009 kissme__0010 kissme__0055 kissme__0013 kissme__0014 kissme__0015 kissme__0016 kissme__0037 kissme__0051 kissme__0052 kissme__0018

kissme__0057 kissme__0019 kissme__0020 kissme__0021 kissme__0022 kissme__0003 kissme__0024 kissme__0025 kissme__0026 kissme__0028 kissme__0029 kissme__0042 kissme__0032 kissme__0033 kissme__0034 kissme__0035 kissme__0036 kissme__0017 kissme__0038 kissme__0039 kissme__0040 kissme__0041 kissme__0043 kissme__0044 kissme__0045 kissme__0031 kissme__0027 kissme__0046 kissme__0004 kissme__0012 kissme__0049 kissme__0007 kissme__0030 kissme__0053 kissme__0011

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