56 weddings later…

what a damn. good. year.

to our brides & grooms, we love you.

adam&nicole_122 adam&nicole_434 alyssa&matt545 alyssa&matt602 andrew&ella_352 angus&erin_446 B&B_392 B&L_252 B&L_348 ben&shannon_340 ben&shannon_390 bridgie&mat_501 bridgie&mat_534 brooke&jasyn_0441 brooke&jasyn_0515 chloe&nathan_345 claire&corey_227 claire&corey_482 emily&sam_260 emma&blake_705 emma&blake_721 ethan&becky293 g&d_288 g&d_754 georgina&patrick_461 georgina&patrick_668 georgina&rob_430 gregg&nat_0393 hannah&aaron_381 hannah&aaron_587 hannah&tim_275 hannah&tim_313 harmony&jason_331 J&B_423 J&R_688 jasmyn&ben_301 jeng&suzanne_494 jermaine&verity_464 jim&jane_310 jodi&luke471 jordan&lauren_114 jordan&lauren_266 kylie&mark432 L&O_447 L&O_593 lauren&kurt_433 lavina&ben_415 lavina&ben_424 lisa&jeff_247 lisa&jeff_478 lisa&marty_321 lisa&marty_388 luke&emily318 luke&emily363 M&E_704 M&E_721 m&m_408 m&m_566 matt&asha_515 mike&zoe165 nath&jess_479 nick&chelsea_475 rach&jonas418 rach&jonas426 renee&cody_326 S&S_501 S&S_543 sally&steve_330 sally&steve_609 shane&samantha_255 shannon&jordan_435 sheree&luke_354 skye&eric_471 soph&doug_362 steph&clinton_341 talitha&levi_291 tom&tonya_400 tom&tonya_408 travis&heather_539 travis&heather_568


  • john benavente - damn good

  • Jessie - Wow guys! So GOOD. Totally killing it :) Happy New Year! Xx

  • Bec - What an awesome yearly roundup! Such a gorgeous and fun bunch of couples!

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