when you get together with a team of creatives, a random room with wooden floorboards and white walls and windows, gorgeous florals, and beautiful models.

a little styled shoot we did has been featured in issue 31 of WHITE MAGAZINE (check out the mag for piccies, vendor involvement and more) >>

White_#31_ENG_A Thing of Beauty White_#31_ENG_A Thing of Beauty3 White_#31_ENG_A Thing of Beauty2

on that note: WHITE MAG have recently re-launched the way they’re doing things. and we’re all high fives and hugs over what they’ve created. serious magic all in one mag.


ALSO our JESS & MATTS beautiful wedding is among the pages too >>

White_#31_WED_Jess + Matt White_#31_WED_Jess + Matt2 White_#31_WED_Jess + Matt3 White_#31_WED_Jess + Matt4

‘somebody who betters you. somebody
who inspires and encourages you in love
and in life, who pushes you towards
dreams and goals you’d otherwise ignore,
who selflessly sacrifices their time to
helping you become more courageous,
well rounded and happy human being.
that’s sacred. you hold on to a love like that.’

– Beau Tapin

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i want to hold hands
and waste friday nights
with you.

– unknown

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florist Petrea Taylor

make up  Celeigh Howe

hair stylist Hair By Lara Holmes 

bride shoes Wittner

brides gown Bo and Luca

bride bouquet weave the reed smith

bridesmaid dresses French Connection

grooms attire Hugo Boss

groomsmen attire Tony Barlow

invitations Vanessa King

band Robbie Balmer Music

ceremony venue private property

dinner venue High Church Brisbane

decor accessories / hire Hodge Podge Hire & Lovestruck Weddings

stationary Lara Nicholls